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Jason Golden – Richard Childress Racing | Fast Five

Richard Childress Racing (RCR), originally founded and currently operated by driver Richard Childress himself, is one of the most successful racing franchises currently active in North America. Possessing hundreds of race victories, over a dozen championships, and having employed household-name drivers like Dale Earnhardt, RCR has developed a winning formula on the track and a […]

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Delmar Smith – Nashville Predators | Fast Five

NHL fans are among the most passionate in all of American sports, and successful franchises leverage that enthusiasm and commitment to build lasting and productive relationships with their sponsors. Today we return to the Nashville Predators, a National Hockey League franchise that has seen growth almost every year since its inception into the league as […]

U.S. Tennis Association

USTA Florida Names Contractor, Reveals More Lake Nona Office Details

With Central Florida’s average annual temperature of 73.3 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s made for year-long outdoor sports, such as tennis. The USTA felt this way too, building their state-of-the-art USTA National campus in Lake Nona, Florida. Now, the USTA is providing details on their USTA Florida facility which will be adjacent to the national campus. The […]

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Five Signs Your Company is Ready for a Sports Sponsorship Contract

Sports teams unite people. They ignite communities. They have the power to produce change and positively impact neighborhoods. Is your company ready for a sponsorship? Here are five signs: 1. You consider your brand a part of the community, and you want others to see it that way, too: People respond and bond over authentic […]

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Chris Junghans – Nashville Predators | Fast Five

Since being added to the league as an expansion team during the 1998-99 season, the Nashville Predators have seen considerable growth, as well as major success both on and off the ice. It can be difficult to grow a franchise in a league with as much history and tradition as the NHL, but the Predators […]

Orlando Sports Marketing

Orlando Bids on New NCAA Events

Orlando continues its evolution into a city for major sporting events. The Orlando Business Journal reports on the most recent city bids: More than 50 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) events are up for grabs for Orlando’s sports industry, translating to the potential for hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact. The Central Florida […]

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Lee Douglas – Florida Gators | Fast Five

The University of Florida Gators are a staple team in the Southeastern Conference. A major player since 1906, the Florida Gator’s football team consistently ranks as one of the best. Gator Nation flocks from all over the southeast to witness games in their stadium, affectionately named, “The Swamp.” With a major fan base comes major […]

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Sports and Event Sponsorship: Your Business Goals Matter

In a traditional sense, to sponsor an event means that your money helps fund the event. And yes, in today’s sports and event marketing industries, sponsors still help pay the cost of doing business. Because, let’s be honest, those player salaries, facility rentals and game day experiences aren’t going to pay for themselves. Sponsors are critical to a […]

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Aaron Cohn – Pittsburgh Pirates | Fast Five

As America’s favorite pastime, baseball is a sport that fans across the country can rally around. The Pittsburgh Pirates, five-time World Series Champs, have an especially loyal fan base. With their beautiful stadium and unique food, like the Brunch Burger, the Pirates engage fans like no other. Today’s Fast Five talks with Pittsburgh Pirates’ VP […]

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Michael Kohler – IMG College at the NCAA | Fast Five

Executive GMs like Michael Kohler are always preparing for big games and exciting playoffs. He’s here to share insights on the importance of utilizing every level of sports participants, from influencers to coaches, to gain coverage on a national scale. Learn how branded content can far exceed expected return on investment with the executive GM […]