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Jason Golden – Richard Childress Racing | Fast Five

Posted on: September 22nd, 2016

Richard Childress Racing (RCR), originally founded and currently operated by driver Richard Childress himself, is one of the most successful racing franchises currently active in North America. Possessing hundreds of race victories, over a dozen championships, and having employed household-name drivers like Dale Earnhardt, RCR has developed a winning formula on the track and a lasting brand legacy. Jason Golden, Managing Director of Business Development for RCR, joins us for Fast Five this week to shed insight on the approach that has been so effective.

Lee Douglas

Managing Director, Business Development – Richard Childress Racing
Years working in sports: 15

1. You are the right sponsorship choice for companies looking to:
Develop a fully integrated partnership with demonstrable return on investment (ROI) and proven business-to-client (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) results. The size and scope of our national platform with the ability to activate and leverage assets (branding, VIP hospitality, C-Level access, etc.) locally, regionally and/or nationally make Richard Childress Racing an ideal platform.

2. The most underutilized piece of sponsorship inventory you sell is:
It really depends on the partner and their goals and objectives. A few areas that come to mind are original content creation and utilization of the assets to truly drive sales and marketing functions within the organization.

3. Your top tip to companies looking to reach fans is:
Ensure you connect with target demographic (fans, decision makers, employees, etc.) in an authentic way. Utilize the power of the NASCAR and its unmatched brand loyalty to deliver your message.

4. Your most rewarding experience helping a corporate client achieve their marketing goals through team sponsorship was when:
I cannot identify just one, but you have done your job when partners validate to you that the investment and measurable ROI has exceeded their expectations.

5. Your goal with sponsorship clients is to:
Take a consultative approach and to create truly unique and measurable programs to drive and grow our partner’s business. Doing that, on a consistent basis, will foster long-standing relationships.

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