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Delmar Smith – Nashville Predators | Fast Five

Posted on: September 7th, 2016

NHL fans are among the most passionate in all of American sports, and successful franchises leverage that enthusiasm and commitment to build lasting and productive relationships with their sponsors. Today we return to the Nashville Predators, a National Hockey League franchise that has seen growth almost every year since its inception into the league as an expansion team during the 1998-99 season, to get a look at the way they foster such partnerships. This week’s Fast Five talks with Delmar Smith, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships for the Predators.

Delmar Smith

VP of Corporate Partnerships, Nashville Predators
Years working in sports: 23

1. You are the right sponsorship choice for companies looking to:
Associate their brand with the #1 Sports and Entertainment Venue in the United States. Also, we’re right for someone that wants to partner with an organization that has the knowledge and passion to customize a marketing plan designed specifically to accomplish key marketing objectives the company wants to attain.

2. The most underutilized piece of sponsorship inventory you sell is:
Team controlled media assets, specifically TV inventory.

3. Your top tip to companies looking to reach fans is:
Communicate to our Sponsorship-Client Engagement Team the key marketing objectives of your company, and work with the team to create programs that enhance the fans experience rather than interrupt it. Also, be aware of the ever-changing landscape of how fans make decisions and get their information, and then engage in co-branded initiatives around those things.

4. Your most rewarding experience helping a corporate client achieve their marketing goals through team sponsorship was when:
We developed a strategic marketing program with Nissan that was designed around their key goal for the partnership, which was to showcase their company as a proud community partner in a significant way. Through our partnership, Nissan launched their “Nashville Proud” campaign, which is still vibrant to this day.

5. Your goal with sponsorship clients is to:
Deliver top-notch service in a first-class way, and to meet and exceed their expectations for the partnership in such a way that they continue to be a partner of our organization for many years to come. Also, our goal is to build a close relationship with the client that is meaningful and everlasting.

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