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Lee Douglas – Florida Gators | Fast Five

Posted on: June 15th, 2016

The University of Florida Gators are a staple team in the Southeastern Conference. A major player since 1906, the Florida Gator’s football team consistently ranks as one of the best. Gator Nation flocks from all over the southeast to witness games in their stadium, affectionately named, “The Swamp.” With a major fan base comes major responsibility, and the Gators’ marketing team is always ready to take a bite! Today’s Fast Five talks with Lee Douglas, the GM of the Gator IMG Sports Network.

Lee Douglas

GM, Gator IMG Sports Marketing
Years working in sports: 38

1. You are the right sponsorship choice for companies looking to:
Reach the largest, most passionate fan base in the 3rd most populous state in the nation.

2. The most underutilized piece of sponsorship inventory you sell is:
The luxury that we have is that we have signage, radio, TV, digital and on-site activation. We don’t typically sell any of our assets as a one-off. Rather, we combine those assets that help the client reach his/her marketing and business objectives.

3. Your top tip to companies looking to reach fans is:
Approach each situation with an open mind. Technology is changing consumer habits and preferences at a rapid pace. Analyze each as a new opportunity.

4. Your most rewarding experience helping a corporate client achieve their marketing goals through team sponsorship was when:
I’ve been around a long time, so having one in particular stand out is a challenge. I will say that recently we had a client’s Executives make an edict that they were dropping out of college sponsorships all together. The local team went to work to demonstrate that their sponsorship with the Florida Gators was the most important sponsorship that they had within the entire state. They went about developing analytics to demonstrate the business return on their sponsorship investment to convince the executives to make an exception to their edict.

5. Your goal with sponsorship clients is to:
See smiling faces. I view that our role is to make our contact a hero in the eyes of his or her boss. An appropriate term is win-win, but in its simplest form, we make it a win for the client.

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