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Josh Bullock – Tampa Bay Rays | Fast Five

Posted on: May 5th, 2016

With 162 regular season games, there isn’t anything out there quiet like a Major League Baseball corporate partnership package. Baseball benefits from high-profile TV coverage while still managing to offer intimate on-field opportunities, creative VIP experiences and mass exposure. Today’s Fast Five talks with the Tampa Bay Rays VP of Corporate Partnerships, Josh Bullock.

Josh Bullock

Vice President, Corporate Partnerships; Tampa Bay Rays
Years working in sports: 15

1. You are the right sponsorship choice for companies looking to:
Generate a return on investment through a fully integrated and strategic partnership with the Tampa Bay Rays.

2. The most underutilized piece of sponsorship inventory you sell is:
That depends on the company and what their needs are. Companies should use camera-friendly signage more effectively with a specific call-to-action or to showcase a dedicated URL.

3. Your top tip to companies looking to reach fans is:
Understand who you are trying to reach and what is going to motivate them so we can utilize the right mix of advertising assets to send your message.

4. Your most rewarding experience helping a corporate client achieve their marketing goals through team sponsorship was when:
A client informed me that they received better results by spending less money with the Rays than one of our competitors.

5. Your goal with sponsorship clients is to:
Use a needs-analysis approach to learning while developing partnerships that serve to accomplish the client’s specific marketing goals.

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