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Jeff Ferguson – Learfield Sports | Fast Five

Posted on: April 15th, 2016

Where some see sports fans as fanatics, we know them to be extreme brand loyalists. Like those who represent their teams with pride, Learfield Sports is dedicated to the 120 collegiate properties it serves. What began as a corporate sponsorship company only able to offer radio opportunities has grown today into a multimedia marketing enterprise with a comprehensive sponsorship, media and marketing inventory. This week’s Sports Report features Jeff Ferguson, GM of Learfield Sports.

Jeff Ferguson

GM, Learfield Sports
Years working in sports: 27

1. You are the right sponsorship choice for companies looking to:
Reach millennials and boomers by leveraging the loyalty of the fan base.

2. The most underutilized piece of sponsorship inventory you sell is:
Digital platforms. We offer streaming, email marketing, endorsements, geotargeting as well as advertorials through our collegiate athletic websites.

3. Your top tip to companies looking to reach fans is:
Embrace the goodwill of the collegiate team. Use team marks, coaches, cheerleaders, mascots and other iconic images to help build the bridge between your company and the fan base.

4. Your most rewarding experience helping a corporate client achieve their marketing goals through team sponsorship was when:
We raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities through team sponsorship programs. Run for Ronald was a great campaign that brought donations to the Ronald McDonald House each time the football team gained yards or scored a touchdown. Fortunately, we had great teams and scored many touchdowns!

5. Your goal with sponsorship clients is to:
Build sales and the brand for our clients through integrated marketing programs with our athletic programs. We look for connections that will help the fans understand our client’s brand and see the positive benefits that come through doing business with a team sponsor.


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